Stroker Ace: The Perplexing Mustache of Burt Reynolds


Last week’s guest, Jacob Cook sticks around for another show. You know what that means, quiz time! Jacob is the Mad Max of the Information Highway, who supports open source and decentralization with his amazing projects. Keep reading or listen for more on our guest from Montreal!

  • Chris is inspired by Jacob’s passion for his projects, arkOS and CitizenWeb Project so he asks the tough questions, what’s in Jacob’s future? And, the old man question, what about retirement?

  • Fearing the loss of Net Neutrality and crying in his toque, Chris wonders if Jacob has used any of the mesh networks that are popping up. For example, Hyperboria which is part of Project Meshnet.

  • By the way, you should probably click that Net Neutrality link above. John Oliver will have you in tears.

  • Check out GNU Social or use Quitter to check out a decentralized social network. It’s just as amazing as Twitter. Have a look at Diaspora as well.

  • Paul & Jacob geek out about VPS providers, DigitalOcean and Linode.

  • The greatest random quiz to date on Montreal Sauce: What do they know about Burt Reynolds’ mustache? Who will win? Paul or Jacob?

  • Everyone has a Sean Connery impression.

  • All the Burt Reynolds research led to an awful find, Skullduggery.

  • The world needs more Dom Deluise. Enjoy some bloopers from Cannonball Run.

  • We all fasten on our nerd badges and talk Battlestar Galactica.

  • Intel will be selling a 3D printable robot soon.

  • We need to have Jacob back on the show in the future so we can talk poutine. Find him at arkOS or on twitter, look for peakwinter.

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