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Welcome to our new podcast. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Luigi is not Hitler

Montreal Sauce is not recommended by any number out of any other number of doctors.

Justin Hall

Justin Hall joins the show to talk about sharing our lives on the web. Others may know Justin from his legendary site, various publications he has worked for or The Nethernet. Justin currently produces thought provoking videos as “The Justin Hall Show” that you can find on Youtube.

Better yet, you can stay up to date & contribute to his work via the awesome service Patreon. In true Montreal Sauce fashion, we jump into conversation and don’t get around to introducing Justing until 49 minutes into the show. Being an amazing guest, Justin interviews us just as much as we interview him.

Daredevil? Ugh. Pfft.

Tina (Twitter, Website) joins us again to talk Orphan Black.

Sandals In The Masturbatorium

This week we’re joined by Paul’s wife Tina (Twitter, Website) & we talk body functions, children and Weight Watchers.

  • While Tina & Chris discuss medication side effects, Chris admits his sugar substitutes don’t rise to the occasion of baking.

  • Paul asks Chris about his new avatar which was created by Len Peralta. You can get your own from and check out Len’s podcast, Geek a Week.

  • Oops, the conversation boiled down to arkOS, Raspberry Pi and SeaFile yet again.

  • Troubles with installing beta software leads to lots of learning. Chris has learned much about Linux and sampled a few distros. Yet, he still has much more to learn.

  • OpenBox is the amazing desktop environment/windows management for linux that has won Chris’ heart.

  • Macbook battery cycling is supposedly serious business if you want your battery to last. A lesson learned the hard way.

  • Weight Watchers points will not allow you to purchase a Behringer Ultragain Pro Mic2200. Fortunately, Paul was able to get one as a birthday gift.

  • Chris has found a way for a diabetic, and most likely a healthy mammal to commit suicide. Simply eat this pie from Red Robin.

I Divulged

Resuming our half-and-half episode format, it’s Season 2, Episode 6.

  • Chris talks about a previous show with Jonah, where he learned about Tom Cruise’s middle tooth!

  • Paul thinks Tom Cruise’s middle tooth could be the Silence.

  • Chris recommends Teeth if you’re into… you know what, don’t watch this.

  • Paul says his children are really enjoying the Hopscotch and Paper apps on the iPad.

  • Spellbounders is a iPad game recommended by a listener in the chat room.

  • Chris is using Privacy Badger, a plugin for browsers from the EFF that blocks ad trackers.

  • Want to chat without cell service? Check out FireChat.

  • ProtonMail boasts security and encryption for the average user. It’s an email service started by some CERN scientists.

  • We talk iMessage difficulties.

  • Chris uses FolderSync to sync his photos with OwnCloud. While Paul used ScannerPro to copy receipts to OwnCloud.

  • Is NFC coming to Apple? Rumor!

  • Chris admits he’s a closet reality show fan because he watches MasterChef.

  • Paul’s watching The Wil Wheaton Project.

  • Montreal Sauce has no sponsors, but they talk about all the commercials on television, OnDemand and product placement.

  • From the chat room to Paul & Chris, the world thinks Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. went from bad to decent.

  • Meanwhile, Paul is concerned with Samuel L. Jackson’s health.

  • Paul & Chris explore the Montreal Sauce history of foley sounds made with the mouth. Paul talks an awesome Star Wars parody he did & Chris talks about a parody he made of a Maya Deren film.