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Truck Nutz


Joe Veix is back! We talk giant, square tube TVs, human suffering, the Publik Facebook™ and of course, Truck Nutz.

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Deflecting People with Joe Veix


Paul & Chris were joined by writer and artist with a last name that people always pronounce wrong, Joe Veix. He discusses his career, joke writing and of course Matthew McConaughey.

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Dan Benjamin


Surprise! Did we kidnap the Larry Bird of podcasting in a bizarre re-enacting of the bad movie, Celtic Pride? Of course not. We’re too lazy. Dan Benjamin joined us to chat about his love of radio, setting the right expectations for your podcast and making better podcasts for listeners.

  • Dan thinks Paul sounds really great. It must be that DBX pre-amp & the Onyx 1620i Paul purchased from multiple 5by5 network garage sales.
  • Dan usually shares his experience with gear and production on his show Podcast Method.
  • Dan loves the surprise of live shows, as in his show with Merlin Mann, Back to Work.
  • Our guest remembers reading that Leo Laporte was making a million dollars podcasting and thought, “Surely I can make enough to pay my bills if I work really, really hard.”
  • Advice from Dan to us & someone he met at the 2015 Podcast Movement, Make one really good show, first. Then, maybe try another. No need to start a network from the get-go.
  • Celebrity podcasts are going to be the moneymakers and have the largest audiences. If you’re not Tim Ferriss or Bill Simmons, do what you love and find a niche.
  • Even though Dan Patrick has been very successful, would he be where he is today without getting exposure & connections at ESPN?
  • The best model to grow your audience? Here you go.
  • Product Hunt is now curating podcasts.
  • Speaking of discovery of podcasts, Spotify has a podcast section and Google Play Music will be hosting as well.
  • Human curated lists work well, see Apple Music (just for curation, the interface is terrible).
  • We’re very thankful Dan made time to talk to us. We were able to catch him before he did episode #151 of Amplified with Jim Dalrymple.

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Ceremonial Ace Of Base


It’s part deux with Taryn Arnold from Patreon! As the conversation continues from the last show they discuss educational videos, the art of interviewing, Ace of Base, Tamagotchi, and bad accents.


Let’s learn about Sweden!

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Taryn Down Apple


In a very fun show, Paul & Chris get chat with the hilarious and enthusiastic Taryn Arnold from Patreon. She joins the show to talk the art of mouth foley, the right amount of internet stalking, teen crushes and Patreon page success.

Just. Plain. Fun. Hope you didn’t scroll past this episode because Taryn is hilariously cool. And, we’re not just saying that because she’s our first patron. Be sure to check out Thetarynarnold on twitter, Calling All Creators and Patreon. Thanks to Taryn for hanging out with the guys! Of course, thank you for listening.