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Welcome to our new podcast. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

More Kicks and Karate Flips

Dan Hogan briefly re-joins us to discuss his process, the workflow of his webcomic and why being weird is winning. Tina, Chris & Paul review TV shows and create a new line of products for bald men called Pauld.

My Little Pony Palate Cleanser

Artist & author Dan Hogan returns to chat Redshirts, webcomics, cartoons, and Tim Hortons. Also joining the conversation is the always hilarious Tina who shares podcast recommendations and laughter with us.

Cut To Andy's Bruised Forehead

Andy Luther is back in part two of our interview with the actor. We discuss his movie roles, triple threats, and working for The Onion. Part one can be found here.


Are you sitting down? Paul wins!

Thanks again to Andy Luther for joining us and sharing. Andy can be found through the Paonessa Talent Agency, his amazing agent. Put him in your show, viral video, play or magical lantern. Be sure to contact Paul & Chris by clicking their names. Don’t write them letters, letters are made of trees!

Always Bring a Live Hamster

We have the awesome pleasure to chat with Andy Luther, an actor in Chicago. Andy studied in New York, he’s appeared in films and television but his passion is theater. When he’s not working, he has a contracting business and hires actors to give them a viable skill to support their art. We chat about acting, attending university as older students,

Thanks to Andy Luther for chatting us up, like a boss. Here’s hoping he is one day immortalized in cartoon. If you’d like to make that happen or hire this talented actor contact his agency, Paonessa Talent Agency. Next episode, we’ll chat with Andy some more.

Attracting Good Ideas with a Ravenous Magnet

Continuing the show from last week, we’re chatting with our musician friend, Seth. The gang discusses the evolution of business on the web and changing technology over the last 10 years. Should you cultivate your passion as a hobby or as a profession?

  • When Seth was working in news broadcasting, he totally dug using a Ross Video Switcher.
  • Recent guest Justin Hall spoke at the xoxo festival recently. See his appearance here.
  • Paul has a love-hate relationship with javascript.
  • Paul argues that these days employers aren’t hiring people in technology for what they know and what they can do. Instead people are hired for how fast they can learn and for what they will be doing in two years. His advice, have a portfolio.
  • Seth remembers the Real Genius days when folks interested in technology went to university to learn lasers.
  • Living without human contact for 27 years? Check out the North Pond Hermit.
  • Seth enjoys podcasts by Joe Rogan and Marc Maron.
  • Paul says collaboration is the key to not getting stuck in the artistic loop — over thinking your work or being too critical of yourself.
  • Seth is excited to see how Elon Musk and Tesla Motors change the world of business.
  • Chris & Paul suggest people check out the community of developers on

Check out Seth’s music on Reverb Nation. Remember to hitch a ride on your dream balloon and pursue your art! Make sure it’s your dream balloon and not one of those sadistic balloons.