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Interviews with makers, creatives, and friends. Also, strange quizzes about 80s actors.

Taryn Down Apple


In a very fun show, Paul & Chris get chat with the hilarious and enthusiastic Taryn Arnold from Patreon. She joins the show to talk the art of mouth foley, the right amount of internet stalking, teen crushes and Patreon page success.

Just. Plain. Fun. Hope you didn’t scroll past this episode because Taryn is hilariously cool. And, we’re not just saying that because she’s our first patron. Be sure to check out Thetarynarnold on twitter, Calling All Creators and Patreon. Thanks to Taryn for hanging out with the guys! Of course, thank you for listening.

Nolte v Busey


It’s part 2 with Jonathan Killearn, a classically trained musician navigating the competitive new music distribution world of the Internet. Is it crazy to pursue a career in creative arts? The conversation is about audience building, talking to nobody, and music communities online; quiz time teaches us all about Gary Busey & Nick Nolte. Part 1 can be found here.


Chris gives Paul & Jonathan a test on who’s who in Hollywood. Is it Nick Nolte or Gary Busey?.

Thanks for listening! Thanks to Jonathan for joining us! Be sure to find Jonathan Killearn on SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, GitHub, Cupcake and the Freenode room #minix. Check out our Patreon page to support the show!

Oh, Hey, Good Morning


The talented clog dancers, Chris & Paul chat with producer, arranger, composer & performer Jonathan Killearn. It’s a battle of dueling microphones & cheap Korean guitars.

Thank you so much for listening and thanks to Jonathan Killearn for taking the time to chat with us! Find him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, GitHub and even Cupcake.

Is it the Shoes


The new season has started and the guys are dropping science! Well, actually they’re catching up with each other and you. Listen to learn how Val Kilmer could have saved the world from evil cable bundles if his Amtrak train hadn’t been delayed.

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Hostfully Yours


Paul & Chris are back! They’re kicking it old school. Join them as they go to warp speed. Well, just as soon as they can remove all the Google bloatware from the engineering software and find a cool external hard drive.

  • Here’s a new season of the Sauce but what about Film Frown?

  • Where is our lost episode featuring Marty Chan? Right here and here, smart ass.

  • “What browser are you using these days?” Chris answers in a blog post.

  • How to “Remove Uninvited Google Apps from Launchpad” on Macs.

  • Chris used Homebrew & the Cask to install all his applications on his Mac during his clean install. Lifehacker has a decent guide.

  • Little Snitch is a great firewall to tell you which applications are trying to connect to the web. For example, Apple location services on want to connect to the internet every 10 seconds. That seems wasteful on a desktop.

  • Chris reviews his experience with MailPile. Then he shares that he moved to Airmail.

  • Checking system stats on your Mac? iStat Menus is great or there’s GeekTool. Less expensive Monity is another option, but it doesn’t do temperature. If you are just concerned with temperature, there’s TG Pro.

  • Paul has Automatic connected to his OBD-II port in his vehicle. He can track his car’s health with his Apple Watch or his phone.

  • You need Shia LaBeouf freestyle rapping. Just do it.

  • External hard drives? Lacie makes decent drives, but Chris & Paul prefer enclosures with fans, if it is a rotating drive and not an SSD. Chris has Vantec cases for his externals. Paul recommends buying in pairs for your backup.

  • What’s on your external? Chris has some work resources like Death To The Stock Photo images. We interviewed one of the minds behind that site once.

  • Paul & Chris really like their TP-link gigabit switches.

You rock. Thanks for listening and let us know on twitter if you have any feedback.