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Welcome to our new podcast. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

GeoCites on Crack

On this episode we chat with attorney, gamer and maker Tony Sarkees. He teaches us that copyright laws were actually created to “propagate ideas, encourage creation of new works, inform the public and build a common culture.”

  • Tony is modding his old school Game Boy. Dissected, Painted and let’s get biverted.
  • We talk about the now defunct PMOG/Nethernet and Tony suggests reading Justin’s essay on building online social games.
  • We all bond over the gorgeous gem known as Saugatuck, MI.
  • Pumping Station: One is the Chicago area hackerspace of choice for Tony when he’s making and creating.
  • Tony taught himself CSS to publish a zine online where people can share how gaming and games have affected their lives. Be sure to check out the excellent design and the memoirs featured on electro bureau.
  • Parallax scrolling was the bread & butter of the startup, Scrollkit who got into some legal trouble for showing people how to use their service to create pages like Snow Fall.
  • Chris was looking at and in order to build a personal landing page. Tony convinces him otherwise.
  • Our guest recommends hosting a website using Google App Engine instead of purchasing hosting. Let me Duck Duck Go That for you.
  • Tony gives us a lecture on copyright because “it touches every single one of us.” Pay attention! There’s a quiz later. Copyright is actually much more fascinating than you might think.
  • The Statute of Anne was the first copyright law.
  • Moral rights allow creators to control the association of their work in the EU or Canada. That is, “”you can’t use my song in your commercial for your diabolical political party commercials.”“
  • Fan fiction, fan sites and fan art are all actually copyright infringement.
  • Tony talks Android: Netrunner, a Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Unfortunately, one of the best communities for the game was shut down.
  • Disney has gone from sue happy to relaxed when it comes to copyright infringement.
  • Our guest doesn’t purchase items from Sony because of their rootkit scandal.
  • All of us are confused by the #gamergate situation.
  • Ridiculous Fishing is a game for iOS suggested by our guest.
  • Paul & Tony really like Threes! which has been cloned many, many times because you can’t copyright game rules and mechanics.

You can find Tony on twitter, his site, the electro bureau or grab some of the things he makes at his shop.

Whovian In-Law

Whovian In-law? This Is An Example of Why I Don’t Listen To The Podcast?

Paul & Chris continue to talk to the Wonder Woman of education and technology, Colette Mondor. They switch gears from teaching & technology to movies, books and of course Doctor Who.

I Just Like Saying Dongle

This week is our back to school special. Our guest is Colette Mondor, an educator in Canada. We talk using devices, app stores and security with students. Further discussion includes the importance of teaching empathy, and the value of ensuring that your children know how to find trustworthy information online.

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  • Recently, on our Twitter account we asked what fans would like to be called. Welcome Sausages!

  • Colette recently presented at the GAFE Summit in Calgary. G.A.F.E. stands for Google Apps for Education.

  • Colette owns a brand new Chromebook with an Intel Core i3 chip.

  • Gamification is a big movement in education to get students more engaged. Therefore, the EdTech Team chose to gamify the summit.

  • Read & Write for Google helps students who have a difficulty reading. Colette suggests using this extension for math story problems for those students.

  • Colette believes one of the things that often gets missed when teaching with technology is digital citizenship. Of course, we all agree that many adults could use that same lesson.

  • Many schools are going one to one with devices, assigning students iPads or tablets from kindergarten on. Using tablets and iPads as shared devices, with multiple classes/students, is difficult because they are meant for individuals.

  • Schools can secure Google tablets & with Google Apps Device Policy but added security becomes troublesome with younger students.

  • Android tablets do have multiple users but backing up user apps & data is difficult and doesn’t work well at all.

  • Chris talks about volunteering in the classroom, and Colette corrects him by inventing a great new word. Chris is voluntold to go to school and help.

  • Chris and guest Colette slip into their old podcast, The Sexy Back Tour while discussing this summer’s travels.

  • Chris went to many weddings this summer including one featured on national news because it was on ice. The hockey wedding (more pics if you are one of those wedding lovers) took place in Michigan, not Canada. WAIT. WHAT?

  • During the road trip to multiple weddings Chris went to the ER. He was the lucky winner of Bell’s palsy. Also, Chris wants a summer home in Nelson, B.C.

  • Paul shares theories on digital identities from Jeff Jarvis who can be found on This Week in Google podcast.

  • Chris adds that he recently finished a book by Howard Rheingold called Net Smart: How to Thrive Online.

  • We learned why “zee” replaced “zed” in America English thanks to masteraramil in the chatroom.

  • We get into the metric system vs. the Imperial units. Fahrenheit vs. Celsius vs. Kelvin.

  • Don’t forget about the Montreal Sauce tee available for a limited time! Thanks to our friend at nocturnal for the suggestion of Cotton Bureau.

Working on my Baked Pacino

Chris & Paul are holding hands & recording a show in the same studio? They talk asian cinema, the new global Hollywood and taking orders from dolphin commanders.

Synchronize Your Smellfies

Paul and Chris talk user agents, curry super powers, bizarre sports stats and they name your promising garage band. Wait? Chris and Paul are in the same room?

  • Origins? We explore the fact that our show is a spinoff. The Fraiser to Cheers, if you will. Originally, Paul had a dinner time show called I Like Juice, which you can find on iTunes, or the Blog of the Lion.

  • Paul loves the band name of Garfunkel & Oats, who recently got their own show.

  • Rikki Lindhome (Garfunkel), hosts a podcast on the Nerdist network called Making It. Chris critiques Colin Hanks’ appearance on the show. You may remember him from Dexter.

  • Weird Al released some great tunes recently and the guys take a trip down Jurassic Park memory lane. Paul sings his favorite cassette jam.

  • Chris wonders what happened to West Michigan radio? It’s 100% classic rock.

  • Why is Kai Ryssdal and NPR’s Marketplace doing a Sharknado story?

  • Movie 43 is not recommended. Watch Robot Chicken instead.

  • The guys feel like Delicious Dish because they’re actually in the same studio for once and talking in hushed voices.

  • Chris’ journey away from big data has started nicely with the addition of Baikal. It’s on his server hosting his calendar for all his devices.

  • Chris is using DashClock on his phone with a Word of the Day extension.

  • Time to synchronize your smellfies?

  • Chris used a new Android app to edit the Markdown for show notes. It’s called JotterPad. However, he really found to be a better tool if you have internet access.

  • Check out the Futility Closet podcast to learn about amusing curiosities.

  • The Great Race was loosely based on a real event.

  • We may have a new USB connector in the future.

  • Paul shares his extensive knowledge of the milk preferences of the Crips & Bloods.

  • Chris & his wife battle on Qcast, a Chromecast quiz game. It’s similar to those bar trivia games except you play with your Android phones.

  • We geek on Apple TV and Chromecast.

  • Paul recommends Cordkillers podcast for your viewing pleasure.