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Welcome to our new podcast. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Darmok & Heat Vision at the Hyperloop


Chris & Paul are left to their own devices, whatever that means. The two share what they did on the break between seasons and discuss Gene Roddenberry & Dan Harmon shows.

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The Busy Trap


Season 3 begins with the talented and inspiring Nicole Belanger. We discuss the power of stories, the glorification of busy and the lack of diversity in our films, books and entertainment in general.

  • Don’t be mean to your stories! Nicole basically tells us we’re all too hard on ourselves. Chris agrees, citing the stories featured on Radiolab and This American Life.
  • Nicole tells us that she misses writing because lately she’s been updating her website instead of sharing. Check out the new and add it to your reading list.
  • Nicole doesn’t want a work-life balance. She believes in a work-life blend.
  • Stop glorifying that you’re so busy that you don’t have time to sleep? You’re not a martyr, it’s bad for business.
  • Nicole says she was born and raised in Ottawa when Chris accuses her of being a British Columbian.
  • Of course, Chris & Nicole won’t say anything disparaging about B.C. Chris digs Kelowna and Nicole really enjoyed time in Victoria.
  • Actor Michael Ironside shared his thoughts on B.C. on a Nerdist podcast.
  • Nicole says passion is a moving target, so she’s taking Elizabeth Gilbert’s advice and following her curiosity.
  • Wild is a book by Cheryl Strayed that inspires Nicole.
  • The Reese Witherspoon film based on the book Wild, gets a very positive review as well.
  • Nicole tells us that actress Reese Witherspoon produced Wild as well as Gone Girl in an effort to bring complex female characters to the screen.
  • Chris agrees that films are full of white males and cites an old blog post, R.I.P.D.:Just How White & Sexist Is Hollywood?
  • The Bechdel test will depress you when you apply it to Hollywood movies.
  • Paul reminds us that films are not the only media where women are not equally portrayed. #Gamergate
  • Of course, the best place to start with equality is children’s books. Check out
  • Chris & Nicole talk about another wild book, Into the Wild and its film.
  • Nicole offers some great tips for writing, like emailing yourself notes and approaching your own story from the outside as an investigative journalist.
  • Nicole makes the case for meditation and suggests the buddhify app.

Nicole would like to remind us to be kinder to ourselves. “If we talked to others how we talk to ourselves, we’d have negative friends.” Find more inspiration from Nicole at and follow Nicole on twitter.

The Inky Shadows


Dr. Rick Kopak stuck around for a second episode to discuss the power of highlighting in digital text, urban fantasy, cyberpunk and the staying power of iconic books. Rick is an educator & researcher at the iSchool at the University of British of Columbia.

Thanks again to Rick for making the time to join us! If your interested in learning more about information design, check out the iSchool at UBC.

Information Design


On this show the fellows were joined by Dr. Rick Kopak from iSchool at the University of British of Columbia. There he researches information design and human computer interaction. Paul & Chris get schooled on the interesting concepts behind information design and how much the field is changing thanks to all our handheld digital devices.

Thanks to Rick for sharing his time and knowledge with us all. He’ll be back in the final show of next season to talk fiction and audio books.

A Plot Coupon


Part 2 of our chat with 3D Generalist, Christian. We relax and chat television and movies. Could the budget for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. be $5? Would you lose your British accent after 200 years?

  • Podcasters & guest all agree Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is more like Agents of Sleep.
  • Christian & Chris are still trying to like Constantine.
  • For whatever reason, we all love Forever.
  • Paul says Lucas from Forever is playing the same part he played in Bones. While Chris compares him to Johnny from Airplane!
  • Christian digs The Flash, the newest superhero TV show because of the main villain who was the lead in a past TV show called, ED.
  • The crew lament the scripts, dialogue and drama of Arrow.
  • Christian recommends The Killing.
  • Paul and Christian talk about Gracepoint which is based on a british show called Broadchurch. Both shows have the same star and previous Doctor Who, David Tennant.
  • Chris recalls that an actor from The Killing was a topic of conversation in a recent Flophouse podcast episode.
  • Christian says we should all check out Manhattan.
  • Paul’s wife chooses to watch Salem over our bad movies on the other podcast, FilmFrown.
  • Christian is happy with the Marvel films, but not big on the other studios with Marvel products, like The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men films which are currently owned by Sony & Fox.
  • Chris, Paul and Christian agree the first Captain America film is a Marvel misfire. They don’t even begin to discuss the awful that is the Wolverine films.
  • When Gwen Stacy died, Marvel comics went from the Silver Age to the Bronze Age and it was a big deal.
  • Christian & Paul talk Ultimate Spider-Man while Chris risks getting political to wish a listener in Mexico well.

Thanks again to Christian for joining us. You can see samples of his work from his “old site” at Thanks for listening, we hope you’re in the Pole Position this week.