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Interviews with makers, creatives, and friends. Also, strange quizzes about 80s actors.

Father Calling


Too lazy to write a blog post on the Patreon page, Paul & Chris meet to discuss exciting new updates to the show. Promotional swag, sauce packets and secretive episodes are coming your way. Not to mention our tremendous backlog of live episodes to publish for downloads.

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¡Aye, Madre, Aye! (a.k.a. "The Ranting")


In part dos of the discussion with Arturo Vergara we discuss the value of a college education, the importance of agriculture, the false idea of a post-scarcity society and rapping, yo!

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Cyberpunk is My Favorite Kind of Punk


This episode your favorite bosom buddies are conversing with developer, musician & writer Arturo Vergara about language, influential authors & thinkers, cyberpunk and the value of art criticism.

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Truck Nutz


Joe Veix is back! We talk giant, square tube TVs, human suffering, the Publik Facebook™ and of course, Truck Nutz.

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Deflecting People with Joe Veix


Paul & Chris were joined by writer and artist with a last name that people always pronounce wrong, Joe Veix. He discusses his career, joke writing and of course Matthew McConaughey.

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