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Sauce Packet: Star Trek Discovery Season 2


The last time Paul & Chris got together to do a short show minus any guests, they talked Star Trek Discovery. How fitting that the first Sauce Packet of this year is talking about season 2 of the show. Oh, and we’re sorry that the “short” show went long, but we had a lot to say about Time Crystals. Please Red Angel, go back in time and give that MacGuffin a better name.

  • The thrilling start of our episode is us trying to pronounce a name in the chat room. You can join us during our live recording via our Live page. We usually tweet, toot, and post upcoming shows on Patreon.

  • What’s a chat about Star Trek with Paul without Darmok and Jalad?

  • Chris shares his distaste for the actress playing Michael because of her Walking Dead days. He spent a lot of time doing recaps called Mocking Dead.

  • Chris’ partner has issues with the organization structure of Starfleet. This is an issue that often comes up on Random Trek.

  • We talk of the original series callback of the pilot, The Cage.

-The Masters of the Universe episode of Film Frown was too much fun and why we referenced it.

Thanks for listening! We appreciate your ear holes and your smiling face.

Spooky Manor


Hey Sausages! It’s your friendly neighborhood podcasting delivery folk. On this surprise Halloween episode Daniel J. Hogan and Arturo Vergara join us to take a package to Spooky Manor. By the way, you now know more than we did. Thanks Paul! 😄 (Always examine your bike, kids!) On this adventure: Arturo is on a quest to make a salad, Chris loves wearing outfits, and Dan wants to stab everything. Also in the future, please tweet, email, or call Paul if you want to know where the exits are.

  • The text adventure we’re playing is from Memento Mori Theatricks. This game, (like the one last year) is part of a pack from the site above that Paul purchased with our Patreon funds. Thanks patrons!
  • Text adventures are a game of “”guess the verb.” Thankfully, our computer Paul isn’t as literal as the games of yesteryear, like Zork.
  • We find a nice smoking jacket, but this is a scary story, not Leisure Suit Larry.
  • We can’t imagine how difficult it is being bilingual, so Arturo gets a pass on not knowing what a conservatory is.
  • It’s a trunk from Transylvania?
  • Chris’ aunt is in the chat room during the live show telling us to get out of that cellar!
  • “Dude! Did you know Wolf’s Bane cures lycanthropy?”
  • Speaking of language, Arturo’s Spanish helps us translate the Spooky family motto: mors certa, hora incerta.
  • As Paul says, “Cue Link cooking music!”
  • Arturo is sad that our character in the text adventure doesn’t have Shazam.
  • Dan and Chris are doing Inktober! You can see Dan’s work on his instagram, clattertron. Chris via PixelFed.
  • Dan is selling his art on ebay and etsy if you’re interested in buying those inktober works or other artwork of his.
  • Arturo has been developing a job/work cue for distributed systems called Hop with the team at Mazing Studio.

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Sauce Packet: Star Trek Discovery


As we consume bad movies for Film Frown, palate cleansers are very useful. Paul and Chris get together to discuss the latest incarnation of Star Trek in a short episode we like to call a Sauce Packet! SPOILERS AHEAD! In other words, don’t engage unless you are out of star dock.

Poster image from The Movie DB as added by Elizabeth Jennings and shamelessly Photoshop’d by Paul.

Pumpkin Town


What in the name of Zork? Long story fake, Paul found a genie and got his dream of being turned into a computer. Unfortunately, it was an evil genie so Paul was not turned into a gorgeous Macbook, instead he’s an Apple IIe. Join Daniel J. Hogan, Arturo Vergara, and co-host Chris as they abuse computer Paul by loading up a text adventure game that forces him to say “I do not understand ____,” over and over. Also, stick around for the bodacious surfer, brah.

Thanks for choosing to examine our Halloween special. Be sure to send love to our guests who helped make this possible, Arturo and Dan. Thanks again to our rad patrons! Their spooky support helped us get the Pumpkin Town game and some fun sound effects! You can give here.

Thor's Skillet


Our conversation with Stump Kitchen was one of those chats where we lose track of time. Guest Alexis and the hosts were sad to see the time was up. That just means we’ll have to have Alexis back or convince her to watch a bad movie for Film Frown. This episode revolves around producing the cooking show, dealing with mental health, eating a pre-dinner when you’re making risotto, sweat pant shopping and stump squeezing.

Subscribe to Stump Kitchen and support our incredible new friend Alexis. Chris tried those peanut butter cups, and yeah, throw money at the Stump Kitchen Patreon because, delicious! Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The one stop link is Thanks for listening! You rock! Oh, and let’s find Alexis a gluten-free vegan hot dog!