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On this episode the gents talk about preserving memories, archiving, data and private interests. The guests are graduate students from The Centre for Digital Media, Paul Juricic and Carolyn Fung. For the sake of your sanity in the following notes, “Paul” is our guest. “Host Paul” is your Trill podcast host, not a symbiont.

  • Previously on Montreal Sauce…Carolyn has been on before so she updates us on the project she was involved in before, True North.
  • Paul tells us about the previous team he worked with Altru.City.
  • Carolyn is now working with NGX Interactive.
  • Paul tells us about Archinodes and the graduate project, Project ACME.
  • Archinodes design lab was started by Paul Juricic, Mél Hogan and Jeff Traynor.
  • The graduate project was a prototype built on an an earlier idea, Arc.
  • Paul said they explored various services like Delicious and Pocket.
  • Dig Paul’s ride.
  • Carolyn and the team played with physical objects to get an idea of how people handle things before building their interface.
  • Is Evernote useful or just a “dumping ground?”
  • Permissions and sharing were interesting challenges. For example, Apps like Slack want to make your entire workflow easily accessible. However, Google Drive wants you to use their service, so Slack had to come up with a workaround to get your Google Docs into their app.
  • The prototype app the team worked on is for analyzing and exploring your data, not making content. Paul says it’s similar to Hootsuite, which is a tool to manage your other social media accounts.
  • Chris shares his new fascination indiewebcamp, which is about syndicating your data to other services and keeping control of it.

Really fascinating conversation with Paul and Carolyn about telling stories about the past versus controlling data. The next episode will be part 2 of the live chat and we’ll continue the conversation about the various methods organizations use to archive information. Be sure to check out Carolyn’s Twitter account or stalk Paul on LinkedIn. If you want to follow the production of the show, check out our blog on Patreon.

Sauce Packet: Green Radicals & Brainwashed Dookie


This is our first Sauce Packet, a short show on a single topic. The inaugural topic is “that album that always finds its way into your playlist.”

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Bit and Bang 2.0


We go deep into programming languages and their history with our guest Tierney Coren. There’s a sprinkling of tech recommendations, some Rooster Teeth and a discussion on the popularity of Let’s Play videos.

  • Chris asks the tough question, “What is Node.js?
  • Learn more about javascript with Douglas Crockford.
  • Syntax can make things difficult when it comes to languages. Paul says jQuery really helped in the case of popularizing Javascript.
  • Tierney discusses Gulp.js and Electron, web kits for Node.
  • Our guest is using a Razer mouse and headset. He found this gear thanks to the company sponsoring his favorite content producer, Rooster Teeth.
  • Chris uses a Logitech Performance Mouse MX. He wore one out in 3-4 years, but bought another because he couldn’t find the rad gaming mice that people really enjoy.
  • Our younger guest uses his iPhone 6+ for all his media viewing rather than a TV or computer. Paul’s testing out an iPad Pro, maybe it’s an all-in-one solution?
  • Paul likes Sleep++ to monitor his sleep.
  • Tierney uses CodeHub to connect to Github on his phone.
  • The many text editors in Tierney’s life, Brackets, Atom and Visual Studio Code.
  • Flavors of linux discussed, Elementary OS, ubuntu, kubuntu, CrunchBang and Arch.
  • Chris like this windows manager for Linux, OpenBox.
  • We discuss the popularity of Let’s Plays.
  • Pewdiepie has built an empire by just making Let’s Play videos.
  • Tierney asks that you please visit the Node.js Github and join the community. Everyone is welcome.
  • Chris thanks Tunabelly software for giving him a copy of Temperature Gauge Pro to test on his Mac. Guess what? It works great and is making his computer less noisy during the podcast!
  • Thanks to Arturo and Brandon for joining us in the chat channel.

Special thanks to Tierney for joining us at the last minute! Of course, thank you for listening to the show. Find Tierney on Cupcake or his site If you want to know what’s happening with Montreal Sauce, check the posts on Patreon. You can also support the show there. There’s also a Facebook page now.

Bit and Bang


This episode features discussions of cities in New York that aren’t New York City, succeeding in university and it turns out there are people who love candy corn. No. Really! Our guest Tierney Coren is part of the Node.js Evangelism Work Group, a web developer, designer, writer and student.

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Father Calling


Too lazy to write a blog post on the Patreon page, Paul & Chris meet to discuss exciting new updates to the show. Promotional swag, sauce packets and secretive episodes are coming your way. Not to mention our tremendous backlog of live episodes to publish for downloads.

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