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Welcome to our new podcast. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Information Design


On this show the fellows were joined by Dr. Rick Kopak from iSchool at the University of British of Columbia. There he researches information design and human computer interaction. Paul & Chris get schooled on the interesting concepts behind information design and how much the field is changing thanks to all our handheld digital devices.

Thanks to Rick for sharing his time and knowledge with us all. He’ll be back in the final show of next season to talk fiction and audio books.

A Plot Coupon


Part 2 of our chat with 3D Generalist, Christian. We relax and chat television and movies. Could the budget for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. be $5? Would you lose your British accent after 200 years?

  • Podcasters & guest all agree Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is more like Agents of Sleep.
  • Christian & Chris are still trying to like Constantine.
  • For whatever reason, we all love Forever.
  • Paul says Lucas from Forever is playing the same part he played in Bones. While Chris compares him to Johnny from Airplane!
  • Christian digs The Flash, the newest superhero TV show because of the main villain who was the lead in a past TV show called, ED.
  • The crew lament the scripts, dialogue and drama of Arrow.
  • Christian recommends The Killing.
  • Paul and Christian talk about Gracepoint which is based on a british show called Broadchurch. Both shows have the same star and previous Doctor Who, David Tennant.
  • Chris recalls that an actor from The Killing was a topic of conversation in a recent Flophouse podcast episode.
  • Christian says we should all check out Manhattan.
  • Paul’s wife chooses to watch Salem over our bad movies on the other podcast, FilmFrown.
  • Christian is happy with the Marvel films, but not big on the other studios with Marvel products, like The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men films which are currently owned by Sony & Fox.
  • Chris, Paul and Christian agree the first Captain America film is a Marvel misfire. They don’t even begin to discuss the awful that is the Wolverine films.
  • When Gwen Stacy died, Marvel comics went from the Silver Age to the Bronze Age and it was a big deal.
  • Christian & Paul talk Ultimate Spider-Man while Chris risks getting political to wish a listener in Mexico well.

Thanks again to Christian for joining us. You can see samples of his work from his “old site” at Thanks for listening, we hope you’re in the Pole Position this week.

3D Generalist Lee


Our guest on this show is a 3D generalist. That’s a fancy term meaning Christian can do it all: modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, animation, FX, effects and whatever else they throw at him. On the show we chat about the harsh realities of working in 3D, a rebel 1968 Dodge Charger from Hazzard County and get lost in the math of rendering.

  • Evernote would like to update during the show. Oh noes!
  • What is this 3 on the tree Chris speaks of? Dig the pic.
  • Reminiscing about Christian’s first computer, maybe this and the Avid hardware that looked something like this.
  • Christian says if you’re passionate enough you should be able to learn 3D on your own, though he studied at the Savannah College of Art & Design, SCAD.
  • 3D tools & platforms mentioned by Christian, Maya, Unity & Oculus Rift.
  • The conversation turns to Life of Pi and the effects company that made it, Rhythm & Hues. There’s a free, short documentary called Life After Pi, telling the story about how that successful movie bankrupted and shut down the company.
  • Another large 3D company, Digital Domain has had similar problems to Rhythm & Hues.
  • Chris has used the free & open source 3D application, Blender.
  • Paul remembers using POV-ray many years ago to code his own 3D Enterprise.
  • TinkerCAD is a 3D application you can use in your browser.
  • Amazon’s failed Fire phone with 3D?
  • Christian has been listening to podcasts from Sam Altman on How to Start a Startup.
  • Silicon Valley reference! Montreal Sauce hasn’t had one of those in a while.

Thanks to Christian for sharing his story and teaching us about the world of 3D animation.

More Kicks and Karate Flips


Dan Hogan briefly re-joins us to discuss his process, the workflow of his webcomic and why being weird is winning. Tina, Chris & Paul review TV shows and create a new line of products for bald men called Pauld.

My Little Pony Palate Cleanser


Artist & author Dan Hogan returns to chat Redshirts, webcomics, cartoons, and Tim Hortons. Also joining the conversation is the always hilarious Tina who shares podcast recommendations and laughter with us.