My Deathstar is Real Player


This episode we chat with Jacob Cook who puts the Montreal in Montreal Sauce as he was actually in the city at the time of the recording. Jacob is the handsome brain behind arkOS and CitizenWeb Project. We talk the importance of open source, crowd funding and Big Brother’s sneaky mistress, Big Data.

  • Jacob occasionally uses Tor so obviously he’s under surveillance by the NSA.

  • Jacob suggests an open source real-time communications alternative, which is based on the open WebRTC.

  • Google says Hangouts will only support Chrome. Chris grumbles while Jacob warns it is only the beginning. He cites Google dropping the open XMMP protocol which has affected Chris in Canada land.

  • Jacob shares a review on his new Jolla phone.

  • The other alternatives are BlackPhone or the Android ROM Replicant.

  • We discuss the evolution of developers from Nick Burns computer nerd to savvy designers & entrepreneurs building user friendly software and apps.

  • Ease of use trumps privacy concerns every time. Thus, Jacob is working hard to make hosting your own websites, cloud and data very easy with arkOS.

  • DRM does not move us forward. Jacob asks why wouldn’t we want the freedom to read an e-book, listen to a song or watch a film on any device? Open source collaboration means the creation of software we can all use regardless of our system.

  • Jacob vows to never sell out arkOS as he never wants to take power from the users. Chris imagines Jacob starring in HBO’s Silicon Valley.

  • Jacob has a great page called Free the Cloud and Chris asks how Jacob argues against the opposition.

  • We all agree, every success is due to hard work. Kids, work hard and some day you can meet David Hasselhoff and have success like Angie Harmon.

  • Paul and Jacob talk about Jono Bacon’s The Art of Community and the importance of building a community around an open source project.

  • Advice from Jacob & Paul: Less is more, do one thing well and don’t insult people’s intelligence. Be at one with your time traveling hipster.

  • Jacob & Chris talk about a recent survey of arkOS users and the idea of an arkOS data center for folks who have a poor internet speeds or are crippled by Comcast or another evil ISP.

  • Jacob says arkOS will now have a SyncThing plugin as an alternative to OwnCloud.

  • Jacob & Chris contemplate raising more money for arkOS with potato salad.

We’ll return next week with Part 2 of our Jacob Cook episode, and Burt Reynolds… mustache?

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