I Divulged


Resuming our half-and-half episode format, it’s Season 2, Episode 6.

  • Chris talks about a previous show with Jonah, where he learned about Tom Cruise’s middle tooth!

  • Paul thinks Tom Cruise’s middle tooth could be the Silence.

  • Chris recommends Teeth if you’re into… you know what, don’t watch this.

  • Paul says his children are really enjoying the Hopscotch and Paper apps on the iPad.

  • Spellbounders is a iPad game recommended by a listener in the chat room.

  • Chris is using Privacy Badger, a plugin for browsers from the EFF that blocks ad trackers.

  • Want to chat without cell service? Check out FireChat.

  • ProtonMail boasts security and encryption for the average user. It’s an email service started by some CERN scientists.

  • We talk iMessage difficulties.

  • Chris uses FolderSync to sync his photos with OwnCloud. While Paul used ScannerPro to copy receipts to OwnCloud.

  • Is NFC coming to Apple? Rumor!

  • Chris admits he’s a closet reality show fan because he watches MasterChef.

  • Paul’s watching The Wil Wheaton Project.

  • Montreal Sauce has no sponsors, but they talk about all the commercials on television, OnDemand and product placement.

  • From the chat room to Paul & Chris, the world thinks Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. went from bad to decent.

  • Meanwhile, Paul is concerned with Samuel L. Jackson’s health.

  • Paul & Chris explore the Montreal Sauce history of foley sounds made with the mouth. Paul talks an awesome Star Wars parody he did & Chris talks about a parody he made of a Maya Deren film.

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