The Nick Fury of My Childhood is a Big Fat Lie


Once again, Jonah Bailey pops in as our guest. He is a designer, comic book fan, and Trekkie. You can find him @jonahbailey on twitter or at his own site He also blogs at Mutually Human.

The Canada Quiz!

  • Montreal Sauce Pro Tip: Don’t Go to Kansas and Say That

  • Chris randomly quizes Jonah & Paul because that’s what classy radio shows do. Who will win the coveted prize of choosing a tattoo for our imaginary sound engineer?

  • One of the quiz questions featured this Pauly Shore music video.

  • Another Paul de Leeuw hits on someone and gives out his phone number during a live broadcast.

  • The binary joke from Futurama in Spanish because our interns are lazy.

  • Special thanks to @peakwinter from #arkOS for the assist with an additional trivia question live from our chat room.

Despecialized Star Wars

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