Spooky Manor


Hey Sausages! It’s your friendly neighborhood podcasting delivery folk. On this surprise Halloween episode Daniel J. Hogan and Arturo Vergara join us to take a package to Spooky Manor. By the way, you now know more than we did. Thanks Paul! 😄 (Always examine your bike, kids!) On this adventure: Arturo is on a quest to make a salad, Chris loves wearing outfits, and Dan wants to stab everything. Also in the future, please tweet, email, or call Paul if you want to know where the exits are.

  • The text adventure we’re playing is from Memento Mori Theatricks. This game, (like the one last year) is part of a pack from the site above that Paul purchased with our Patreon funds. Thanks patrons!
  • Text adventures are a game of “”guess the verb.” Thankfully, our computer Paul isn’t as literal as the games of yesteryear, like Zork.
  • We find a nice smoking jacket, but this is a scary story, not Leisure Suit Larry.
  • We can’t imagine how difficult it is being bilingual, so Arturo gets a pass on not knowing what a conservatory is.
  • It’s a trunk from Transylvania?
  • Chris’ aunt is in the chat room during the live show telling us to get out of that cellar!
  • “Dude! Did you know Wolf’s Bane cures lycanthropy?”
  • Speaking of language, Arturo’s Spanish helps us translate the Spooky family motto: mors certa, hora incerta.
  • As Paul says, “Cue Link cooking music!”
  • Arturo is sad that our character in the text adventure doesn’t have Shazam.
  • Dan and Chris are doing Inktober! You can see Dan’s work on his instagram, clattertron. Chris via PixelFed.
  • Dan is selling his art on ebay and etsy if you’re interested in buying those inktober works or other artwork of his.
  • Arturo has been developing a job/work cue for distributed systems called Hop with the team at Mazing Studio.

Thanks for listening! We really appreciate you joining our fun! Check out Dan’s comic Foxes & Boxes over on Clattertron.com. Support Dan on his ko-fi page and buy him a tea. Follow Arturo on Twitter or Mastodon. Psst, you can also find a track of his on soundcloud. Paul’s hanging out on his micro blog. While Paul concentrates on editing Film Frown, Chris is making mantra/meditations on his blog and working on a new mental health podcast. If you’re interested in supporting Montreal Sauce, grab a tee or check out our Patreon!

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