Huffing Donuts with Stump Kitchen


Five years of discussing what Montreal Sauce actually is? The steak sauce still remains a mystery, but we do have an inspiring chat with Alexis from Stump Kitchen. Our multitalented friend shares her story with us and her compassion with everyone around her. Have a listen to learn more about pronouncing Worcester sauce, STUMP CAM, challenging your palette and flammable soda pop. How do you pronounce tamari?

Over-joyed that we had the opportunity to not only speak to Alexis, but meet her as well. Alexis’ spirit and conviction is contagious as it radiates from her. Take 3 minutes to watch one of her episodes on Youtube or Stump Kitchen and you’ll see it yourself. Find Stump Kitchen on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and feel free to support Alexis to keep making fabulous shows by contributing to her Patreon. You can also find us on all those sites as well. Drop us a line any time! Thanks for listening!

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