This episode is an interview with the talented Jeff Samsonow, who wears a number of hats. He’s been a journalist, producer, writer, product strategist, content director and more. Thus, we gave him the title, Media Mogul. Jeff shares his stories about his radio days, the importance of Universal design and rock shows in basement scooter shops. We also learn about Jeff’s latest journalistic adventure and comedy productions.

Thanks for listening, you’ve just earned 32,018 MSauce points with which you can use to purchase our collection of sound effects for film editing called Mouth Foley 2: Atrocious Boogaloo. A very special thanks to Jeff Samsonow for coming to a stranger’s home to be recorded in front of a live internet audience. Be sure to bookmark The Edmontonian Media Co. or follow him on Twitter to keep up with his latest work.

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