Modern Manhood & Manscaping


Here we have another of our patented, massive introductions of our guest German Villages, but did Chris get the research right? Oops. German hosts the amazing Modern Manhood Podcast, a show that examines male mental health and masculinity. He also has a show with some friends about hockey, Your Team Sucks. The discussion in this episode covers being vulnerable males, fronting about your Red Sox fandom, finding your tribe, challenging stereotypes and the subversion in satire.

That’s just part one of our conversation with the empathetic and intelligent host of The Modern Manhood Podcast, German Villegas. As you wait for part two, check out his podcast with the link above or head over to German’s Patreon page and help out. It’s a great show with conversations we need at the moment. You can also find German on Twitter and Instagram.

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