Siri, Snoopy & The Sex Criminals


Comics too expensive to read, blatant podcast promotion, figure skating to the Spider-man theme song and Siri’s inability to open up are all the topics covered in the second half of the conversation with Danica & Brandon of Variant Edition.

  • We discuss the many different versions of a single comic book character & Brandon tells us a tale of The New 52.

  • Paul challenges Brandon & Danica with a “pick 3” of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Right Stuff and The 100.

  • Danica’s pick for Paul is Letter 44. Brandon’s cross section of Paul’s pick is called Red Wing.

  • The difference between single issues and graphic novels? Danica tells us that single issues like Bitch Planet have really great essays in them, but the collections are missing those and the letters section.

  • Sex Criminals has a hardcover version with a special section on the art process and all the covers of the single issues.

  • Danica tells us that Variant Edition has a mail order service and welcomes listeners to email if they’re interested or want recommendations about great comics to read!

  • Brandon posts “The Retailer’s View” over at The Beat.

  • Marvel allows you to subscribe to digital comics, but if you buy a Marvel hard copy you’ll receive a code to get the digital version for free.

  • Danica, and the women shopping at Variant Edition enjoy books by Marguerite Bennett like Angela: Queen of Hel and Insexts.

  • Danica says The Infinite Loop, a time-travel, same-sex romance story has an amazing letters section that will make you tear up.

  • A listener in the chat room wonders if our guests like Kamala Khan, a.k.a. Ms. Marvel.

  • Also from the chatroom, Arturo, a former guest on the podcast, asks for suggestions for a good feminist leaning comic for a 12 year old girl. Danica & Brandon suggest Princeless and Lumberjanes.

Be sure to find Variant Edition on Twitter, Facebook or their podcast Yegs & Bacon. You can find both guests on twitter, Brandon is @soupytoasterson and Danica is @DanicaHere. You might also like Doctor Whooch, where Danica and Brandon consume alcohol and talk Doctor Who. Thanks for listening!

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