The Super Bowl of Time Zone Conversion


Or: Count Chocula Moved to Canada for Love

This episode we talked to an artist, a programmer, studio owner and the visual arts education coordinator at the International Academy of Film and Television in Antwerp. Midge Sinnaeve joined the fellas to talk awkward clients, how one becomes a ‘professional’ and the Super Bowl from a European perspective.

  • Chris met today’s guest when he interviewed him for episcura.

  • The confusion of time zones and what is Central European Time?

  • Midge was bitten by the 3D bug during a science competition in Ireland. He was using Strata 3D.

  • Midge worked in web design for a while, and then someone handed him Maya so he could try to get back into 3D.

  • Midge has used a number of 3D software packages. At this point in the podcast he mentioned Cinema 4D.

  • Correction: Chris mentioned that a BMX rider died, it was Dave Mirra. We apologize that Chris said Matt Hoffman. Live long and prosper, Mr. Hoffman.

  • What’s an animatic?

  • Midge’s company is called Daze.

  • Midge said sending clients rough 3D or animatics can frighten them. He said it’s comparable to the Uncanny valley. If he sends something really rough, they’re scared, too polished and they’ll ask for changes not permissible within the time table.

  • Chris mentions his recent viewing of Mad Max: Fury Road.

  • Chris tells Midge & Paul about the Canadian super bowl, The Grey Cup.

  • Dramatic Chipmunk vs. Johnny Carson.

  • Midge got his own 3D department at International Academy of Film and Television in Antwerp by walking down the street?

  • A few of the artists that inspired Midge:

  • Midge prefers to show students the “how & why” of the process, rather than teaching the software. So he teaches them how to do the same thing in 3DS Max and Blender.

Thanks to Midge for joining us all the way from the land of delicious beer. Hey, we should probably have him on again. In person! At a Belgian pub! You should give us a single dollar over on Patreon to make that happen. Thanks for listening. Talk to us on Twitter or Facebook, we’re desperate for attention.

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