Perfection is Another Form of Procrastination


Director & animator Jamil Lahham joined us in part 1 of this conversation where we discussed winning an Oscar, working on Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and what is a bad film? In the second part of our live show, Jamil tells us about his attempt at stand-up comedy, his award winning animation and the attitude needed to complete those personal projects.

  • Jamil tells about his short Dirty Laundry Day which recently won Best Animation at the Filmmaker International Film Festival in Spain.
  • Chris was inspired by Jamil’s blog about his short especially, “Do ANYTHING a day.”
  • Jamil says you have to struggle with your brain. You have to stop yourself from quitting sometimes. For example, seeing student animations from the French schools of Supinfocom or Gobelins should be inspiring, not a deterrent.
  • Paul quotes Merlin Mann about setting priorities and being who you want to be.
  • Paul loves the sound design in Dirty Laundry Day and Jamil shares that it was done by Chris Kukla.
  • Jamil was incredibly happy with Christina Ellis, who did amazing work with the color of Dirty Laundry Day.
  • Some of Jamil’s CG inspiration comes from Pocoyo, a Spanish-British animated series.
  • Jamil suggests that we watch Anomalisa, a gorgeous stop-motion film.

There you have it! You can find the award-winning animator and all around inspiring dude, Jamil Lahham on Twitter or at his personal blog. For updates about our show and the new season, stop by our Patreon blog.Thanks for listening!

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