Look Stupid as You Bang on Things


Jen Montes currently works on the animated show Archer. She started out as an illustrator and now develops tools to assist the artists & animators. We talk about federating the web, cats, electrical engineering and jazz hands.

  • Jen wanted to join us sooner, however the entire team that creates Archer gets together to watch each episode on Thursday nights.
  • We fall into Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt recaps because we all enjoy the jokes.
  • Illustrators build Archer characters in Adobe Illustrator and they animate in After Effects.
  • Jen created the video for the arkOS fundraising campaign.
  • In the chat room, Jacob wonders if the people who make Archer also made Frisky Dingo.
  • Adam Reed & Matt Thompson are the minds behind Frisky Dingo, Sealab 2021 and Archer.
  • Chris and Jen have both listened to the Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast about Archer.
  • Growing up Jen had a rad Tandy computer.
  • Jen learned Electrical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico, was accepted to the Georgia Tech PHD robotics program and built satellites for Boeing. Of course, she never stopped pursuing her creative and artistic passions.
  • Chris recommends Iron Sky because it was not only crowd funded, but crowdsourced.
  • HitRecordTV is another collaborative production.
  • Where is our art collaboration website? Jen imagines a GitHub-like network for artists.
  • We learn that Electrical engineering field is huge.
  • A Tribe Called Quest lied to us about the pronunciation of El Segundo.
  • Jen says she left Boeing because she was only “pushing desks.” Chris relates that the recent TV show Halt and Catch Fire illustrates her point. Be an intern & fetch coffee at IBM or work at a small firm and get your hands dirty writing BIOS.
  • Chris proposes re-scripting Archer as a Spanish soap opera, like it’s creator did with Sealab2021.

Thanks to Jen Montes and her cat for taking time in the evening to gab with us. Stay tuned for the next episode to her more from the artist and developer.

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