The Centre for Digital Media Part Two


Chris is on the road interviewing students in the Master of Digital Media program at The Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver. In addition to the school and projects, we discuss how technology has changed the concept of ownership and we collectively miss the days of buying physical media.

  • Armin Mortazavi stuck around from part one as we chatted with Carolyn Fung and Marina Lúcio.

  • Carolyn was part of the True North team which put together 2 interactive experiences for the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

  • Marina and team Maneki Neko developed a game for a company that we cannot disclose. Read more by clicking the team name.

  • Chris wonders if there’s a cheat code to get the Miami Vice speed boat in the museum simulator.

  • Armin shares that there are lots of cell phone cheats in Grand Theft Auto.

  • All three guests discuss the program at the CDM.

  • Collaboration, even between student teams is a huge part of the school. In contrast, Marina shares that her team’s client was on the other side of the world communicating voice-only through Skype.

  • Since Marina never met the voice on the line Armin wonders, could the client be the Inspector Gadget’s nemesis?

  • Carolyn was on the fence about leaving her career path to return to school, but she recommends you do it if you’re thinking about it. Do it in a flash!

  • We discuss how fast technology moves and are curious how many people know what a floppy disk is?

  • Carolyn tells us that there’s a movement of folks who are ant-technology. The documentary Deluged by Data features Camp Grounded where you can disconnect.

  • We discuss the Oculus Rift and substituting a virtual reality for, well reality.

  • Is the touch screen a good interface? It’s not exactly a tool.

  • Armin is a spy and has no fingerprints which made it difficult for him to take the MCAT.

  • Wait what? You can instantly print your iPhone pictures with a device strapped to your phone? Prynt case. Or you can try the Polaroid Zip.

  • Arturo chimes in from the chat room to mention that USB seems to be disappearing as well.

  • Since we don’t own anything, we can’t let people borrow things very easily. Marina tells us about the awkward Steam sharing.

  • XBox One made sharing games difficut but changed their idea after consumers reacted negatively and PS4 made fun of them.

  • Zip disks are evil as discussed on Film Frown.

  • Be sure to check out Armin’s website for his comics.

  • Carolyn is on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Look for Easter eggs in future games created by Marina Lúcio.

  • Once again, the team blogs are True North, Maneki Neko and The Six.

Special thanks to Mark, Josh, Jeannette, Director Dr. Richard Smith and the entire staff at the CDM for making this remote show possible.

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