Jil with One L


A production coordinator from Hollywood, Jil Szewski talks to Paul and Chris about working shows, unions, the long hours, and practical jokes on imdb.

  • Chris has learned “What do you do?” is a bad question thanks to reading our last guest, Nicole Bélanger.
  • Jil is currently working on Whose Line Is It, Anyway? (Content not available in Canada, peep this instead.)
  • GVSU Alumni reunion for those cats interested.
  • Experimental film featuring bug parts, Mothlight. You can probably find it on Youtube.
  • Maya Deren’s rad experimental film, Meshes of the Afternoon. Again, you can probably find it on Youtube.
  • Jil had the awkward task of finding Christmas decorations in the summer when she worked on A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.
  • We learn that web series are very big right now in Hollywood.
  • Chris recommends Chef, but Jil who worked on the film, warns that it will make you very hungry.
  • Paul is currently watching Arrow and The 100.
  • Chris is watching Helix, Supernatural, 12 Monkeys and he’s waiting for Orphan Black and Silicon Valley to start up again.
  • Jil went to the wrap party for season 2 of Silicon Valley where they showed a gag reel and she said it looks really good!
  • Aren’t 5 stars better than 1?
  • Michigan had a film incentive (you can read more about it here), but then it ended and now some folks are trying to get it going again.
  • Jil’s fiance worked on HBO’s True Detective which is a very good show.
  • Jil schools Chris & Paul on the various unions and the requirements to join. Chris admits his only understanding of Hollywood unions comes from Full Tilt Boogie.
  • Resident bad movie lover Chris is sad when Jil reveals that her uncredited acting credit for Avalanche Sharks on imdb.com is a joke played on her by some friends.
  • Jil loves Elvis! Chris wishes she was on the Harum Scarum episode of Film Frown to recommend some decent Elvis films.

Thanks again to our guest Jil! Be sure to check out her current show, Whose Line Is It, Anyway? And thanks to you for listening.

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