So Down to Help


The saucy specimen who joined us this episode via phone is David Sherry. If he was a James Bond character he would be Dr. Gold List. David and his mastermind partner, Allie want to bring Death to the Stock Photo.

  • David was traveling to the Global Instameet in D.C.
  • David & Allie’s approach to the business: create unique content, experiences and sharing those stories. So far they have funded road trips and interviewed other makers.
  • We discuss numbers/analytics vs authentic interaction. How do you measure success?
  • Speaking of authentic interaction, what would happen if you called your friends & family instead of Facebook-ing at them?
  • A discussion of trying to stay connected to all the different social networks brings up the tent project again. You can find Chris & Paul on, the first tent host.
  • Paul compares social networks to cable channels. ello is a new social network on your dial.
  • David thinks podcasting is a fascinating genre of media, but is it too crowded? Like his approach to his own projects, he suggests unique content. All of us share examples:
  • We talk about the popular use of comedy in brand building. While it works, as the old saying goes, “everyone is a comedian.” David thinks contrasting all that humor with emotional content is a better strategy. Of course, you can do uniquely humorous things. For example, listen to the “ad” at the beginning of this episode (around 1:42) of Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast!
  • David recommends Buffer and MailChimp. While they sound like spammy tools, both products have influenced his strategy to directly phone users/customers and build real relationships & interactions.

Check out Death to the Stock Photo, follow their twitter account for upcoming events and contact David Sherry because he loves interaction and being given a chance to help others create.

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