The D-Box


Part deux of our chat with Tony Sarkees, an attorney in Chicago who loves making things at the local hackerspace as much as he loves gaming. We play This is Your Life, compete in a quiz about C64 games and talk gadgets.

  • Tony is the ultimate mobile consumer, switching his SIM card between Android & iPhone for many years. It all started with jailbreaking an iPod Touch.
  • Chris remembers Tony’s many tweets about his Chumby, a cuddly, user-friendly device that our guest believes has no counterpart.
  • Not too long ago, our guest’s friend Newman passed away and Chris is touched by Tony’s tribute to his cat.

Quiz Time

Once again our guest defeats Paul!

  • Paul says, “Yo dawg, do you remember Napster?” We discuss piracy and the maker community.
  • Chris suggests the Stuff You Should Know Podcast about TV ratings.
  • Paul suggests checking out the C.G.P. Grey youtube channel, because learning!
  • Chris’ next project is rebuilding his subwoofer. Did you know you could build your own and probably get something better and less expensive? Everything you need is at Parts Express.
  • Paul is hoping to build a gnarly workspace in his office for all this podcast gear. He’s learning Google Sketch Up to create something.
  • He’s starting the center of the sweet desktop with a rackmount equipment stand.
  • Chris shares a very cool site with open designs, OpenDesk.
  • Thanks to all the listeners who bought one of our Tees! Unfortunately, they are no longer for sale, but you can always request a reprint.

You can find Tony on twitter, his site, the electro bureau or grab some of the things he makes at his shop.

Today’s cartoon goodbye is cool beans. Later, Sausages.

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