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On this episode we chat with attorney, gamer and maker Tony Sarkees. He teaches us that copyright laws were actually created to “propagate ideas, encourage creation of new works, inform the public and build a common culture.”

  • Tony is modding his old school Game Boy. Dissected, Painted and let’s get biverted.
  • We talk about the now defunct PMOG/Nethernet and Tony suggests reading Justin’s essay on building online social games.
  • We all bond over the gorgeous gem known as Saugatuck, MI.
  • Pumping Station: One is the Chicago area hackerspace of choice for Tony when he’s making and creating.
  • Tony taught himself CSS to publish a zine online where people can share how gaming and games have affected their lives. Be sure to check out the excellent design and the memoirs featured on electro bureau.
  • Parallax scrolling was the bread & butter of the startup, Scrollkit who got into some legal trouble for showing people how to use their service to create pages like Snow Fall.
  • Chris was looking at and in order to build a personal landing page. Tony convinces him otherwise.
  • Our guest recommends hosting a website using Google App Engine instead of purchasing hosting. Let me Duck Duck Go That for you.
  • Tony gives us a lecture on copyright because “it touches every single one of us.” Pay attention! There’s a quiz later. Copyright is actually much more fascinating than you might think.
  • The Statute of Anne was the first copyright law.
  • Moral rights allow creators to control the association of their work in the EU or Canada. That is, “”you can’t use my song in your commercial for your diabolical political party commercials.”“
  • Fan fiction, fan sites and fan art are all actually copyright infringement.
  • Tony talks Android: Netrunner, a Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Unfortunately, one of the best communities for the game was shut down.
  • Disney has gone from sue happy to relaxed when it comes to copyright infringement.
  • Our guest doesn’t purchase items from Sony because of their rootkit scandal.
  • All of us are confused by the #gamergate situation.
  • Ridiculous Fishing is a game for iOS suggested by our guest.
  • Paul & Tony really like Threes! which has been cloned many, many times because you can’t copyright game rules and mechanics.

You can find Tony on twitter, his site, the electro bureau or grab some of the things he makes at his shop.

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