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This week is our back to school special. Our guest is Colette Mondor, an educator in Canada. We talk using devices, app stores and security with students. Further discussion includes the importance of teaching empathy, and the value of ensuring that your children know how to find trustworthy information online.

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  • Recently, on our Twitter account we asked what fans would like to be called. Welcome Sausages!

  • Colette recently presented at the GAFE Summit in Calgary. G.A.F.E. stands for Google Apps for Education.

  • Colette owns a brand new Chromebook with an Intel Core i3 chip.

  • Gamification is a big movement in education to get students more engaged. Therefore, the EdTech Team chose to gamify the summit.

  • Read & Write for Google helps students who have a difficulty reading. Colette suggests using this extension for math story problems for those students.

  • Colette believes one of the things that often gets missed when teaching with technology is digital citizenship. Of course, we all agree that many adults could use that same lesson.

  • Many schools are going one to one with devices, assigning students iPads or tablets from kindergarten on. Using tablets and iPads as shared devices, with multiple classes/students, is difficult because they are meant for individuals.

  • Schools can secure Google tablets & with Google Apps Device Policy but added security becomes troublesome with younger students.

  • Android tablets do have multiple users but backing up user apps & data is difficult and doesn’t work well at all.

  • Chris talks about volunteering in the classroom, and Colette corrects him by inventing a great new word. Chris is voluntold to go to school and help.

  • Chris and guest Colette slip into their old podcast, The Sexy Back Tour while discussing this summer’s travels.

  • Chris went to many weddings this summer including one featured on national news because it was on ice. The hockey wedding (more pics if you are one of those wedding lovers) took place in Michigan, not Canada. WAIT. WHAT?

  • During the road trip to multiple weddings Chris went to the ER. He was the lucky winner of Bell’s palsy. Also, Chris wants a summer home in Nelson, B.C.

  • Paul shares theories on digital identities from Jeff Jarvis who can be found on This Week in Google podcast.

  • Chris adds that he recently finished a book by Howard Rheingold called Net Smart: How to Thrive Online.

  • We learned why “zee” replaced “zed” in America English thanks to masteraramil in the chatroom.

  • We get into the metric system vs. the Imperial units. Fahrenheit vs. Celsius vs. Kelvin.

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