Synchronize Your Smellfies


Paul and Chris talk user agents, curry super powers, bizarre sports stats and they name your promising garage band. Wait? Chris and Paul are in the same room?

  • Origins? We explore the fact that our show is a spinoff. The Fraiser to Cheers, if you will. Originally, Paul had a dinner time show called I Like Juice, which you can find on iTunes, or the Blog of the Lion.

  • Paul loves the band name of Garfunkel & Oats, who recently got their own show.

  • Rikki Lindhome (Garfunkel), hosts a podcast on the Nerdist network called Making It. Chris critiques Colin Hanks’ appearance on the show. You may remember him from Dexter.

  • Weird Al released some great tunes recently and the guys take a trip down Jurassic Park memory lane. Paul sings his favorite cassette jam.

  • Chris wonders what happened to West Michigan radio? It’s 100% classic rock.

  • Why is Kai Ryssdal and NPR’s Marketplace doing a Sharknado story?

  • Movie 43 is not recommended. Watch Robot Chicken instead.

  • The guys feel like Delicious Dish because they’re actually in the same studio for once and talking in hushed voices.

  • Chris’ journey away from big data has started nicely with the addition of Baikal. It’s on his server hosting his calendar for all his devices.

  • Chris is using DashClock on his phone with a Word of the Day extension.

  • Time to synchronize your smellfies?

  • Chris used a new Android app to edit the Markdown for show notes. It’s called JotterPad. However, he really found to be a better tool if you have internet access.

  • Check out the Futility Closet podcast to learn about amusing curiosities.

  • The Great Race was loosely based on a real event.

  • We may have a new USB connector in the future.

  • Paul shares his extensive knowledge of the milk preferences of the Crips & Bloods.

  • Chris & his wife battle on Qcast, a Chromecast quiz game. It’s similar to those bar trivia games except you play with your Android phones.

  • We geek on Apple TV and Chromecast.

  • Paul recommends Cordkillers podcast for your viewing pleasure.

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