Seeing Old Ladies in Their Underwear


This week we are lucky to speak to Sally Ann, a clothing and accessories designer who crafts everything from recycled materials. You can find her blog, designs and tutorials or check out her shop at She has a rad mobile boutique named Shelby that she takes out to markets around Florida — and hopefully across the country in the future.

  • Every Saturday Sally & Shelby take a trip to the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville Florida.

  • Sally joined us to chat despite being on vacation in Pensacola!

  • Chris & Sally discuss the confusion of time zones, Canada and their home town, Muskegon.

  • Paul & Sally humor old man Chris and talk about the weather. Michigan had a lot of snow this year which reminds Sally of stories she heard about the Great Blizzard of ‘78.

  • Canadian Chris & Floridian Sally agree that there is nothing like Lake Michigan.

  • Sally has sold her designs to over 20 countries and 30 of the states through her etsy store front.

  • A typical week for Sally: sewing all week, sell at the market and whatever doesn’t sell she puts on the etsy page.

  • Our guest also hopes to inspire and help others recycle clothing. She offers tutorials and gives away sewing machines that have been donated to her.

  • Recently Sally competed in OneSpark, a crowdfunding festival. You can see her entry page here.

  • Paul and Sally bond over smoke monster infested, multi-dimensional desert islands.

  • Shelby, the mobile boutique, just had a birthday! You can also see the transformation of the Shasta Compact on Sally Ann’s blog.

  • Our guest drops a few mobile boutique blogs on us, Clueless Girl, Honeybean, Coast to Coast Vintage and Oh So Lovely from Winnipeg.

  • Chris spotted a mobile boutique at the Edmonton Art Walk.

  • Moral of today’s story? Paul & Sally say, sustain your business and grow your life.

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