Sandals In The Masturbatorium


This week we’re joined by Paul’s wife Tina (Twitter, Website) & we talk body functions, children and Weight Watchers.

  • While Tina & Chris discuss medication side effects, Chris admits his sugar substitutes don’t rise to the occasion of baking.

  • Paul asks Chris about his new avatar which was created by Len Peralta. You can get your own from and check out Len’s podcast, Geek a Week.

  • Oops, the conversation boiled down to arkOS, Raspberry Pi and SeaFile yet again.

  • Troubles with installing beta software leads to lots of learning. Chris has learned much about Linux and sampled a few distros. Yet, he still has much more to learn.

  • OpenBox is the amazing desktop environment/windows management for linux that has won Chris’ heart.

  • Macbook battery cycling is supposedly serious business if you want your battery to last. A lesson learned the hard way.

  • Weight Watchers points will not allow you to purchase a Behringer Ultragain Pro Mic2200. Fortunately, Paul was able to get one as a birthday gift.

  • Chris has found a way for a diabetic, and most likely a healthy mammal to commit suicide. Simply eat this pie from Red Robin.

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