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In episode 2 we talk security. Forget password services and secure websites, you need Liam Neeson. Paul hacks apart Star Wars with a machete on air.

  • Chris is looking at Chromebooks for his wife.

  • Paul’s iMac has a recall because of… graphics card. It all sounds too familiar to Chris.

  • Chris has realized that his phone contains a lot of delicate information and maybe it is time to put a password on it. Check how secure your password is here. Paul’s phone confirms he’s been doing this for a while as we hear the lock sound during the show.

  • Advice from a web comic for password security? Put a password following this advice in the link above. Crazy secure, but hard to remember.

  • The idea of Last Pass is to only remember one password. This web service will store all your other passwords so you don’t have to recall them.

  • Prior to Last Pass emerging, Chris purchased 1Password to store passwords. Paul is the Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes so he remembers all his passwords.

  • Speaking of passwords, make sure to enable Two-factor authentication everywhere you can. You can use FreeOTP on Android devices to serve up the authentication codes.

  • Check out the new Cosmos and get your science fix.

  • Chris took in a classic recently, The Maltese Falcon.

  • Paul brings Liam Neeson on to the show. Chris hopes he becomes a regular to record messages for our listeners’ voicemails.

  • Chris plugs The Flop House podcast which spurs on some Star Wars rants.

  • Paul suggests the Machete Order as a way to watch Star Wars films.

  • Last episode we talked a bit on SSL, or secure websites. Chris wondered if we should explain how that works a bit more.

  • And if you understood any of our explanation, you can also look into web of trust certificates.

  • Paul uses the Charles Web Proxy to debug the apps he builds.

  • One of Chris’ friends shared a very long video featuring people getting freaked out by the virtual reality system, Oculus Rift. Careful, NSFW language because that thing is scary.

  • Chris recounts his experience using Google Glass.

  • Chris wants to use his Raspberry Pi to screen calls because he’s tired of telemarketing calls from charities. More advice on the subject can be found here.

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