An Awesome Impala


How is The Walking Dead like Dukes of Hazard? How many impressions can Chris do? Are we podcasting in diapers? Find out in Episode 11 of Montreal Sauce!

  • Podcast tech Chris wants for x-mas. Please reptillian Space Pope, please!
  • Of course, Chris doesn’t need it because Paul has nabbed a Mackie Onyx 820i to mix the show and produce all the fart noise we need.
  • Why are the boys talking about Dogecoin again? The hip new thing is Solarcoin!
  • Oops, Mt. Gox has had some issues with Bitcoin.
  • Jonathan has given Chris a foolproof way to purchase things anonymously.
  • Netflix & Comcast striking a deal and you’ve surely seen the cries of foul. You can read more technical and legal jargon at the
  • Silicon Valley wants to be its own state?
  • U.S. Olympic hockey did not bring home the gold and Paul thinks it is time to go back to the amateur competitors. It’s a great segue to a documentary about college sports called Schooled.
  • Chris decided to try and quickly became a Lieutenant. By quickly, he means after hours of downloads and updates.
  • Helix is all about asking questions. Will they ever be answered or are we Lost?
  • The fellows are let down by the fact that Agent Coulson is simply Agent Coulson in Disney’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • Torchwood “Miracle Day” is season 4 of the Doctor Who spin off that both Chris & Paul missed.
  • Forget analyzing shows using the characters from the original Star Trek. Chris is now going to use the characters from The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • Paul hints that the Doctor Who creators may try to explain why we’ve seen the 12th Doctor’s face (the same actor) in a 10th Doctor episode and Torchwood.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is out and Chris & Paul don’t know a thing about it.
  • Godzilla trailer has premiered as well. Here comes the fade to blacks and ominous music.
  • Make Believe is a fun documentary following some teens aspiring to become magicians.
  • If you like magic, Deceptive Practices covers some of its history. Unfortunately, Ricky Jay really likes himself and Chris wasn’t impressed.
  • Orphan Black returns on April 19th. Paul hopes to watch season 1 and catch up.
  • Hey! My screen went to sleep! WiggleMouse to the rescue.
  • Raising money to buy a burrito via Kickstarter.
  • Chris defiles the show with a discussion on gas. Here’s some more Fart Facts.

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