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iMacs overheat, people. That’s why we record this podcast on a lovely 27” iMac! Special guest this week, Mr. Sippy Straw. Also, Jeff Goldblum, Robot Chicken, cell phone companies suck, and forgetting to hit record, on Montreal Sauce.

Show Note: This is the beginning of March Montreal Madness! Because of our backlog of episodes, we’ll be releasing an episode every week in March. In April, we’ll return to our regular every-other-week schedule.

  • Jurassic Park life lessons and learning chaos theory.
  • He was most Goldblum in The Fly.
  • Hey, you’re not perfect and sometimes you Britta things. Thanks, Community.
  • Chris’ terrible George Bush impression is an impression of Robot Chicken’s Bush. Tacos rule.
  • Is Jim our imaginary editor or an extreme liberal?
  • Correction: The Fox skit comedy show Chris was reference was The Edge, not The News. Peep a Compilation of the 15 second “Right This Minute” fillers that aired between sketches.
  • Chris’ missing beard.
  • Mobile providers are going to allow corporations to sponsor your data? Sketchy.
  • Your PSA from the Saucerors: Net Neutrality is a big deal. Pay attention.
  • If you weren’t sufficiently bored by Chris’ iMac story or if you need pictures, more info can be found here.
  • What is Mame? Emulating the old, coin-op arcade games you couldn’t afford as a child.
  • Subsonic is a ridiculously easy to install music server for Windows, Mac & Linux. Ditch iTunes and listen to your music everywhere.
  • Linux what now? Linux Mint & Ubuntu, two user friendly distributions to revive an old computer.
  • OWC kits to install SSD drives in your Mac.
  • Want to nerd out with stats on your Mac? iStat Menus is king, but there are plenty of free alternatives like MenuMeters and atMonitor.
  • Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that doesn’t have enough rap songs about it, yet. YET!
  • Chris has a batphone in Canada? Well, that’s what he calls the OBi110 that he uses to call his mom in the states for free. No, really! He calls his mom occasionally.
  • dd-wrt Can breath new life into a router or unlock more features. There’s also the many flavors of Tomato.
  • Dan, a recent guest on a previous episode, made a webcomic based on a stray tweet from Sikkdays. Check it out and all the other great comics on clattertron.com.
  • Phish has a version of Gin & Juice.
  • GentleMint is a “mint of manly things.” Pintrest for dudes, as it were.
  • What’s an 8-track? Chris still has one.
  • The Muppets sing Octopus’ Garden.
  • Eddie Murphy’s bit from Delirious on Elvis Be warned, this is from the NSFW Eddie Murphy days.
  • Looking for music? Perhaps you should ditch iTunes and MP3’s and try Rdio, Spotify, Pandora or Chris’ choice of Songza. Alternatively, you can keep your music and then subscribe to iTunes Radio for more as Paul suggested.
  • In this week’s OPT-OUT, your heroes discuss Chrome-gate! Some great extensions for Chrome & Firefox get quietly bought out by ad companies that fill them with malware. Click this for more info. A list of the “infected” extensions is maintained here. So check your Browser!
  • Paul doesn’t have the resource hog Flash installed on his computer. Instead, he uses Chrome, when necessary, because it has Flash built-in. Another Mac option is Click to Flash for Safari.
  • FreeOTP is a two-factor authentication application. Say what? If you don’t know what two-factor is and don’t use it, Get on it!
  • Geeksphone makes phones that are truly open source.
  • How about a phone that is concerned with your privacy instead of collecting your data. Check out Blackphone.
  • Listen to people eat dinner? Sign me up. The former podcast archives, I Like Juice.
  • Wow many coin for Chris? DLu57vD1DWE3rJNBviKrzmWBeC4RNdw3bd
  • Such profit for Paul? DUNMd3mpcggpiVV2mWFF4Eo3SFaSF3bgTp

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