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This episode is an interview with the talented Jeff Samsonow, who wears a number of hats. He’s been a journalist, producer, writer, product strategist, content director and more. Thus, we gave him the title, Media Mogul. Jeff shares his stories about his radio days, the importance of Universal design and rock shows in basement scooter shops. We also learn about Jeff’s latest journalistic adventure and comedy productions.

Thanks for listening, you’ve just earned 32,018 MSauce points with which you can use to purchase our collection of sound effects for film editing called Mouth Foley 2: Atrocious Boogaloo. A very special thanks to Jeff Samsonow for coming to a stranger’s home to be recorded in front of a live internet audience. Be sure to bookmark The Edmontonian Media Co. or follow him on Twitter to keep up with his latest work.

Sauce Packet: Impressions only a Mother could Love


In university, Paul had a reputation for fun voices. In his head, Chris also believed he could do imitations. On this episode the truth is exposed as they briefly examine the art of impression.

That’s all folks. A Sauce Packet of voices. Show us up on Twitter, Facebook and Patreon with your impressions. We’d love to hear them. Thanks for listening.

Taco Skate Co. vs. Sting's Pan Flutes


Another hour with Adriean Koleric on street art, collage, podcasting from a VW and being a Detroit Pistons fan in Western Canada. You can find the first part here.

Adriean can be found on Twitter, Facebook and his site or over at the new Taco Skate Co. Thanks for listening! Peep our FB page, Twitter, or Patreon. Later, yo.

Star Wars is Pretty Underground


We’re getting our art on with this chat with Adriean Koleric. From street art & installations to furniture & gallery shows in the States & Canada, he’s always experimenting. Adriean talks about paying the bills, clerical artist statements and how we interact with art & artists in the age of the interwebs.

If you’re not inspired after that, you may be an inanimate object. We love you anyway because you listened. Thanks! Also, thanks to Adriean Koleric for joining us. Let us know what you thought of the show on Twitter, Facebook or Patreon. We’d love to hear from you.

A Link to the Past & Novelty Bands


The second half of our conversation with the developer Mad Max, Aaron Clifford is here! On this episode we talk virtual noses, old school game consoles, developing for VR and positional audio. The dreaded quiz is back and we’ve got Pac-man Fever.

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